About Axiom

Axiom is an actuarial consulting firm with broad capabilities in areas such as health care (including dental and vision), pension, life, employee benefits, special risk insurance, reinsurance, property and casualty, investment, finance, strategy, and data analysis. We deploy resources as required by the unique characteristics of each project, tailoring our capabilities to your needs.
Our unique perspective allows us to tackle every project with traditional and non-traditional analytical tools that have a track record of success in many industries, including system dynamics and scenario analysis. We can deploy actuaries and other professionals as the situation demands. Whether an assignment is better handled with traditional actuarial or strategic tools (or, as it is often the case, with a combination of both), we understand that the best solution addresses the current problem within the framework of potential changes.

Axiom’s corporate structure allows us to engage talent when needed and with the desired expertise, which ranges from basic analysis to sophisticated modeling.

Axiom is 8(a)-certified by the Small Business Administration. Axiom is also DBE- and MBE-certified by several jurisdictions. This means that Axiom is an excellent candidate for public sector work, either as a contractor with agencies or as a subcontractor with large firms. In the latter case, Axiom’s value proposition includes experience in, and a commitment to, business development that inures in the benefit of both parties.

Corporate Information

  • Small Business Administration Registration
  • System for Award Management Registration
  • Commercial and Government Entity Code on Record
  • Data Universal Numbering System Code on Record
  • Certified Participant in the Small Business Administration 8(a) Business Development Program
  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by Several Entities, including but not limited to Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York (City and State), Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia
  • Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) by Several Entities, including but not limited to Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York (the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey), Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin (Milwaukee County)

Corporate Structure

  • For Profit

North American Industry Classification System Codes

  • 541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting
  • 541612 – Human Resources Consulting Services
  • 541720 – Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities
  • 524298 – All Other Insurance Related Activities

Special Item Number Codes

  • 520-13 – Complementary Financial Management Services
  • 874-1 – Integrated Consulting Services

Standard Industry Classification Codes

  • 8742 – Management Consulting Services
  • 8748 – Business Consulting Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
  • 6411 – Insurance Agents, Brokers, and Services
  • 7389 – Business Services, not Elsewhere Classified
  • 8999 – Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

National Institute of Governmental Purchasing’s Service Code

  • 91840 – Employee Benefits Consulting
  • 94612 – Actuarial Services

Seven Reasons to Work With Us

  • Our customer satisfaction ratings are high.
  • We have broad combined experience working with insurers, reinsurers, MGUs, TPAs, plans sponsors, brokers, state governments, municipalities, financial institutions, private equity firms, and more.
  • Our expertise is backed by designations widely recognized in the industry (FSA, ASA, FCA, MAAA, EA, CFA, Ph.D., MBA, MS).
  • Axiom is 8(a)-certified by the Small Business Administration. Axiom is also DBE- and MBE-certified in several jurisdictions.
  • Our price structure is flexible.
  • When appropriate, we are reliable partners in the development of business opportunities.
  • Through presentations, publications, leadership roles in the actuarial organization, and frequent collaboration with other professionals, we contribute to the development of specialized knowledge.

Mission Statement

To provide best-in-class consulting services by engaging professionals that excel in their areas of expertise and that represent the composition of the American society.

Vision Statement

To create value for our customers and society by blending robust actuarial techniques with innovative analytical tools, never utilized in the field.

Strategy Statement

Our uncompromised expertise and qualifications make us the ideal partner for enterprises that value flexibility, creative thinking, and personalized attention.