Our Clients

Over the years, Axiom has been engaged with US-based insurers, international carriers, underwriting agencies, marketing companies, start-ups, venture capitalists, non-profit organizations, and public entities.

Our group of associated consultants and our corporate partners have worked in a wide range of projects with insurers, reinsurers, municipalities, state governments, school districts, towns, housing authorities, financial institutions, private equity firms, hedge funds, asset managers, hospital systems, healthcare provider groups, disease management companies, prescription drug benefit managers, post-acute companies, and universities.

The following list highlights projects in which Axiom’s consultants have been involved throughout their professional careers.

Medicaid Financial Audits
Audited the financial reports of MCOs.
Pension and Other Post Employment Benefits
Reviewed data for consistency and reasonability. Projected medical costs. Reviewed assumptions. Researched applicable regulation. Performed an experience study.
Contingent Fund
Developed a model to estimate the required federal funding of a not-for-profit educational organization.
Health Care Fund
Retained by an overseas government to establish a fund to cover healthcare expenditures incurred by a sector of the working force.
Underwriting and Pricing
Restructured underwriting and pricing protocols for a diversified company.
Due Diligence
Retained by a venture capital firm to project the income and the expenses of an insurance company with an innovative business model.
Subcontractor in the Public Sector
Subcontracted to provide the actuarial services on behalf of a brokerage firm to a public agency. Subcontracted to support a team of actuaries in post-employment projects.
Feasibility Study
Performed a market entry feasibility study for a domestic carrier considering entering the fully insured small group market in one of the states.
Market Entry Study
Consulted a global insurer interested in entering a segment of the US market; developed an operational model to enter the segment if so desired.
Pricing, Product Development, Financial Projections, Reserving
Retained as actuarial consultant for a health benefits program covering an association of schools.
Pricing and Renewal Modeling
Developed pricing and renewal models.
Product Development
Developed and priced a variety of health products.
Performance Guarantee Assessment
Retained to determine financial metrics in connection with performance guarantees.
Retained to underwrite group business accounts.
Investment Consulting
Retained to consult on investment product.
Valuation of Liabilities
Performed valuation of liabilities including IBNR reserves.
Property and Casualty Consulting

Developed a study of self-insured losses and associated risks for commercial general liability, automobile liability, and employment practices liability.